Winners of the best El Pelon story competition!

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Congratulations to Emily and Katie, the winners of our text-in competition of best El Pelon stories! Check our what they had to say:

“Last year, amid my online dating adventures, I received an email from a handsome young man with the subject line “El Pelon Tacqueria.” (I forgave the spelling error.) After some back-and-forths about how much we loved your burritos, we decided to meet. Until I found out his last name, he was known among my friends as “John El Pelon.” After a month of dating and exchange of our real last names, I discovered, with delight, that I had been known to him and his friends as “Burrito Girl.” A year later, we still give credit to El Pelon for making our relationship possible. (And, now he knows how to spell “Taqueria.”)”

“My favorite El Pelon experience was walking to get there in <10 degree weather with some friends in the middle of winter. We got there and no seats were open inside, but we decided we wanted el pelon so bad that we’d tough it in the freezing cold by sitting outside. I ate one of the tastiest dinners of my life while putting my hands in my pockets every few minutes to keep them warm. Great food and good friends made for an amazing time even so!”


Thanks so much to everyone who shared their stories, you all made us smile. Congrats Emily and Katie! We’ll be sharing more awesome responses soon for you guys to enjoy.

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