Five Thirty Eight Burrito Bracket

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FiveThirtyEight is a polling and data analysis website  created by Nate Silver. ESPN-purchased FiveThirtyEight in March 2014. Much of the methodology is derived from the Nate Silver’s experience in baseball statistical experience. It is a voluminous and detailed system they use to help predict Presidential elections and House and Senate matches. They have predicted the top vote winner in each state in the last Presidential elections. That is an amazing achievement and they are highly respected, predicting voters opinions on issues of climate change, public support for healthcare, gay rights and marijuana legislation. They then took on an even thornier issue, burritos. They formed a burrito brackets from across the country 

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.00.45 PM

The final four 538 Burrito Bracket

 So, when we found out that they were looking to discover the best burrito in the country and we were mentioned on the list that alone was a huge honor, with great pride we watched as we rose to the next bracket. It was quite overwhelmed when we saw we were number one in a geographic area from Maine to Iowa, including New York, Pennsylvania and Chicago. Burritos live in small towns too and there are a lot of them in this region. We started hearing about this from customers from close and far. We were surprised the amount of attention we received and we are really grateful for all the kind words  



We couldn’t happier with being considered and then going as far as we did. The competition is outstanding at this level.  A lot of the credit goes to our co-workers who try to do the best job they can every day-then do it all over again and again each time trying to do it even better. We are also only as good as our ingredients, so a big thanks goes out to our vendors whose great products look good every day. Like Cinco de Mayo  La Nina Russo’s and Perkins

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