The Search For America’s Best Burrito Turns to the Northeast

The Northeast, which in the Burrito Bracket extends from Missouri to Maine, has the second-most burrito-selling establishments of any of our four regions (after California, of course). It lacks the historic Mexican culinary influence of California and the West, but is flush with college campuses and big cities, which breed burrito lovers.


El Pelón Taqueria Hosting Habañero Eating Championship

If you’re a fan of watching heat-seeking masochists wallowing in self-inflicted pain, then you don’t want to miss out on El Pelón Taqueria’s annual hot chili pepper eating championship on May 7. Throughout the month of April, contestants qualified by eating (and keeping down) 15 roasted habanero chili peppers in 15 minutes.

Tragedy Inspired Acts of Kindness

Out of the terror and tragedy at last year’s Boston Marathon bombings came many stories of people helping others. Some were stories of heroism and bravery, but there were also stories of those who helped in a more subtle way. Their acts of kindness were often relatively small—food, use of a cell phone, shelter from the cold—but they were timed in a manner that caused them to make a big difference.

Cocktails For a Cause

For one night only, The Hawthorne is partnering with the Anti-Defamation League to raise funds for the World of Difference Institute, a leading provider in anti-bias education. On the evening of March 24, the $20 price of admission will get you Latin-inspired food provided by El Pelon Taqueriaand The Hawthorne kitchen staff, as well as Eastern Standard bartender Naomi Levy’s award-winning Guayaba Arabica cocktail.

A Day in the Life of El Pelon Owner Jim Hoben

Our Eater NY colleague, Robert Sietsemanotes that greasy spoons are generally small, cheap, not afraid of fat, and adored by their communities. While we often speak of diners when referring to greasy spoons, he and we both know a wide range of places can fit the bill. Fenway and Brighton's El Pelon may not make French fries, but the fry-o-lator is constantly bubbling with fish for pescado tacos or plantains for the El Guapo burrito.

Boston Area’s Best Tortas

The toasted roll gives a nice crunch to this torta. Add in a meat, refried beans, the delectable limed onions and guacamole, and you have a great meal. But the true star of the sandwich has to be the spicy mayo. A nice kick of flavor to end the ideal bite, this condiment gives your taste buds exactly what they need. These tortas are best with the chicken, but don’t be afraid of the steak or braised pork. Any option is a good one for this zesty dish.

Outdoor Dining Guide: Al Fresco Eats in Kenmore and Fenway

Authentic Mexican is hard to come by in Boston, but this taqueria puts up a fair fight. The picnic tables with umbrellas and the cozy, off-the-main-road location are reason alone to try out the eats on a warm day. Order chips and salsa for an afternoon snack, or the fish tacos for a cheap dinner. Beware: spicy means spicy92 Peterborough St., Boston, 617-262-9090,


Man Food: Fish Tacos at El Pelon Taqueria

After being decimated by a fire in 2009, the Fenway’s popular El Pelon Taqueria finally reopened the doors of its rebuilt Peterborough Street location in November. It’s a small space, with walls filled with pictures of satisfied and loyal customers from all over the world. On a recent lunchtime visit, the crowd was a bustling cross section of hungry students, young professionals, and locals crammed into the mostly take-out operation.